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5 Simple Faceless Reels Ideas with Trending Audio

“Is it important to utilize trending audio?”

Being convinced that your reel is strong and ought to be seen by more people is one of the triggers for the reels algorithm.

those who download your audio!

when you select trendy audio that hasn’t been played a million times. The likelihood of someone saving the audio for later use increases.

1. Laugh

Give an example of a specialized industry belief you formerly held but no longer do.

  • Example: “I used to think I had to satisfy the algorithm”
  • Example: “I used to think that being skinny was the key to happiness.”

With this audio, post a humorous industry-related meme to the screen.

2. Expert in science

The shared workspace

Share your technique

Share the equipment you use for work.

Share what you should do to accomplish your objectives, and then reveal what you really do to put them off.

  • Relax on the couch and watch Netflix
  • Exercising a hobby

(Resonating with your audience is key; let them know they’re not alone!)

3. Gotcha

Give an example of a tip that has benefited your business.

Report customer accomplishments that demonstrate how you assisted them.

Share a result or accomplishment that you are proud of for yourself.

Compare the perceptions of your particular sector to the actual situation.

Compare how your firm is doing now with how you started.

4. Begin before you’re prepared

Talk about your morning commute to work and how you prepare for the day.

  • Be specific here so that others may connect to you

Share a movie or numerous films showing the tasks you undertook in 2022 to reach your current position.

  • Summarize the year to inspire the people you want to reach; they can do the same.

5. Huephoria

Use these viral hooks and a narration with 30 seconds of relaxing music.

Avoid at all costs (negative niche themes)!

The Underrated Secret to (targeted niche outcome)

“5 Things I Wish I Knew About (Specific Topic) Earlier”

“The Quickest Way to (desired specialized subject)”

“This is the one thing I would change if I could go back in time.”

This week’s Tip:

Trim any extra space from your reels.

People who are watching the reels channel always have their fingers poised above the screen, waiting for the right opportunity to swipe.

The algorithms will consider your reels to be excellent to display other people when they watch the complete movie, therefore viewing time is vital for your reels.

Knowing this, try your best to keep viewers on your reel by editing “ums” and quiet periods from your video.


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