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How to close a $100,000 offer

Play it up. (seriously)

Look for a company that generates at least $10M annually. Thus, $100k represents just 1% of their income.

More than 200,000 companies that earn $10M to $1B annually are located alone in the United States.

It’s a lot. Locate them.

Start off without making an offer! begin with their issue!

I wish to enlighten you about our services, but don’t start there.

Rather, begin with:

“I’m interested.

with the state of your company.

What difficulties are you now facing in __ areas?

Provide a return value greater than $100,000.

A designer of brands?

Offer a brand image that will be relevant in 20 years.

A coach for business?

Assist in developing a plan to bring in their next $20M.

A manager of social media?

They produce content that stands out in their $1 billion market and draws in a more sophisticated audience.

You may earn an unlimited sum of money through marketing.

To sell something, all you have to do is locate the appropriate buyers and offers.


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