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RM Betting

Job Description

Hi there, 

I’m the owner of newly found ‘RM Betting’, a service of betting tips based on mathematical edge, making bettors serious profits. Since 11th May 2023, a 200pt profit has been observed, with no sign of slowing down. This is an ROI of 200% (which I’m sure you’ll agree gives credibility to the quality of service offered!)
I’m looking for affiliate marketers at any level to help my promotion efforts. I won’t have a problem with customer retention, as the service more than pays for itself. 
On a more personal note, young gambling is on the rise. This market is growing and hence, why at 19 years old, I’ve started a service to profit from the rise in numbers, whilst offering people my age and older a mathematically sound service to make 1000s a month.
I’ll pay by commission of 10%. What that currently looks like is £2.50/customer/month, which as a subscription based service, will make you a recurrent income of £30/customer/year. 
My service is very low priced, and most likely when prices rise to accommodate for value offered, you will be a direct beneficiary of such.
Come check us out! We operate on telegram here. –