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Job Description

As a World of Creatures P2E tester, your main responsibility will be to test the game for bugs, glitches, and other problems that can negatively affect the player experience. To do this, you’ll have to play the game a lot to identify any problems, write them down in detail, and report them to the development team.
It may also be your responsibility to provide feedback on gameplay mechanics, user interface, and other aspects of the game. This feedback will help the development team improve the game and make it fun and interesting for the players.
Since World of Creatures is a game where you can earn money, you can also be responsible for testing the in-game economy and making sure it is balanced and fair. This may include testing different strategies for earning rewards, tracking the rate at which rewards are distributed, and providing feedback on the game’s overall economy.
Overall, as a P2E tester for World of Creatures, your goal will be to help ensure that the game is fun, enjoyable, and fair for all players. This will require your attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and passion for gaming.