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The 10 Best Growth Marketing Podcasts

The world is slowly moving away from traditional media and embracing new media. In recent years, we’ve seen the tremendous success of podcasts, and we can attribute the global pandemic of 2020 to the success of this new media. 

Podcasts have become the most popular medium for content creators to connect and share their experiences and thoughts with their audience. 

There are currently more than 600,000 active podcasts in 2022. It is gaining more popularity with young folks looking for fun ways to learn about various topics ranging from marketing to global news to engineering and comedy. 

In this article, we have selected the 10 best growth marketing podcasts to help you achieve your desired goal in marketing

Everything is Marketing 

Everything is Marketing podcast is hosted by Corey Haines, the founder of Swipe Files and a specialist in the world of marketing since 2014. The host brings various unique guests with a distinct outlook on different industries and analyses them with his outstanding viewpoint.

With this podcast, you get to understand marketing in a new way, and even if you’re a newbie, the host makes you understand with his unique insight that everyone is a marketer, as we all sell one or two things to people at various points in our lives. 

The Look Back 

The Look Back is a marketing podcast that discusses entrepreneurship hosted by Keith Newman— a journalist, entrepreneur and a big player in the tech ecosystem.

The podcast focused on unique business conversations surrounding the experiences of various entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and niches with insightful takes on businesses.  

Noah Khan Presents

Noah Kagan hosts this podcast. Noah Kagan Presents gives a practical approach for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to learn and understand marketing.

His podcast focuses on entrepreneurship, which makes it one of the best podcasts for those looking for marketing strategies with practical ways to start and grow a business.

The host occasionally brings guests from different industries to participate in the podcast. Listeners can learn about growth marketing from different guests brought in on the podcast.

Growth Marketing Stories

Growth Marketing Stories is hosted by Aazar Ali Shad, who was once a field salesman before venturing into growth marketing. The podcast provides an outstanding viewpoint on acquisition, retention, and referral in the growth marketing industry.

If you are looking for a refreshing marketing podcast that uses stories to connect with people, then Growth Marketing Stories is a podcast for you as it will help enhance your storytelling skills and boost your creativity and growth. 

Everyone Hates Marketers

The podcast title seems obnoxious, but it is borne out of those marketers who call themselves “specialists” with little or no experience and fish out unrealistic marketing goals. 

The host, Louis Grenier, immerses listeners in the podcast with humor. He has over ten years of marketing experience, which makes his podcast one of the best to get growth marketing insights. 

Louis brings in guests to the podcast weekly to discuss marketing with no unreasonable information as well tested and practical strategies are the show’s focus.

They cover topics ranging from brand positioning to customer research and how to engage with overbearing customers. 

Perpetual Traffic 

Perpetual Traffic podcast is produced by DigitalMarketer and hosted by Amanda Powell and Ralph Burns. Since 2015, it has been a favorite among growth marketing experts.

The hosts of this podcast share the latest and most successful techniques to acquire leads and generate sales using paid traffic. 

Ralph is the Founder and CEO of Tier 11. He has over ten years of internet marketing and 20 years of Sales Management experience, while Amanda is the Director of Marketing at DigitalMarketer with over six years of experience in the marketing industry. 

They infuse their expertise in the marketing industry with success stories to give listeners an insight into how the growth marketing niche works. 

The ABM Conversation Podcast 

The ABM Conversations Podcast is focused on sharing insight on Marketing and Sales in the B2B SaaS industry. Every week, the host—Yaagneshwaran Ganesh, features remarkable guests shaping their respective industries’ futures. They focus their discussion on strategies that have proven to generate revenue and discuss consumer engagement in fun ways.

Cashing in on Content Marketing

Amanda Milligan, the marketing director at Fractl, serves as the host of Cashing In On Content Marketing. She is a fantastic host and constantly brings exciting topics to the table that go beyond the fundamentals of content marketing. 

She conducts 30-minute interviews with some of the most knowledgeable marketers to share the most proper guidance on demonstrating the ROI of your content marketing efforts. 

Growth Marketing Today


Growth Marketing Today has existed since October 2017 and is a seasoned veteran of the growth marketing podcast genre. The podcast’s host and guests make it simple for listeners to learn from their distinctive viewpoints.

Ramli John assumes the role of the podcast’s host in weekly episodes by speaking with well-known marketers like Rand Fishkin, April Dunford, Hiten Shah, and Val Geisler to distill their approaches into actionable marketing tactics that any company can use. 

Marketing Growth Podcast 

One of the most popular podcasts devoted to growth marketing is the Marketing Growth Podcast, and for a good reason. With the help of this podcast, people from all walks of life may quickly and practically learn about marketing. 

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