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Using Education as a Marketing Tool

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1. We figured out our target audience’s problem, one we could help them to solve.

2. We created some visual content (text + images) that explained to them how to solve this problem.

3. However, we created this content not in the form of a blog post (which is how it’s usually done) but in the form of an interactive course. To get access to this course, readers have to enter their email.

4. We visited online communities and websites where our potential customers are active and shared this new course with them. The course was warmly received since it was not promoting our product, just sharing important knowledge.

5. So we got the email addresses of our target audience, while they got access to helpful content (which we wouldn’t have achieved if we’d just posted the content in a blog). We also got full statistics about each reader and each piece of content (which we couldn’t have achieved if we’d used a whitepaper or ebook).

Over time, we made our course even more interactive (we included questions for our readers about their problems and also added a certification system). We made it interesting for people to read our content, and readers have started viewing us as experts.

Have you tried this kind of methodology? Have you used education as a marketing tool? If so, what were your results?

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