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Do you feel the Founder/Ceo should have final say on all decisions?


Do you feel the Founder/CEO should have final say on all decisions?

This doesn’t mean micromanaging your team and ofcourse listening to the team’s ideas..

Why or why not?

Ps it’s open-ended on purpose


Ian Naylor For me not carte blanche, especially when other are the knowledge specialists. Eg founder shouldn’t dictate accountancy practices to the F.C…

Adam J Thompson That’s generally what being ceo entails.


Dave Schneider Basically yes, although sometimes it’s not practical. In that case, you give the most experienced person related to the project i.e a lead developer or designer the final say.

Claudio Miguel This usually leads to micromanaging and the founder/ceo being busy with things he shouldn’t be doing. if you hire really good people who are aligned with your vision, you can generally only make the macro decisions and leave how to get there to them. However, these people are usually really hard to find and really expensive. Finding and hiring top talent is the hardest part of growing a business in my opinion.

Mateusz Kurleto I believe the role of the founder is to get to the point where you don’t need to take any operational decision.
You hire people better than you, you need them to take the actions they believe are best to execute your vision.See More

Thierry Maout How is it not micromanaging? I agree with Claudio and Mateusz, the CEO should trust his/her team with operational tasks and focus on actual CEO work.

You hire them so they should be better than you at what they do and know what they’re doing. Micromanagement and having to run everything by someone would be a huge buzzkill for me, and a sign that I’m not trusted in my role.

Antti Andy Törrönen No, the board (in the early days, the founders) should decide. CEO executes the decision within the limits set by the board.

In the end, it’s CEO’s responsibility to subdivide the board’s vision to sub-goals. I think it depends heavily on the size an

After building the team that takes over operations my role is limited to growing organizational culture, strategic hires, networking up the market and mentoring the team.

Akshay Arora My boss does this and it’s messed up. Dude doesn’t know any of what he speaks and yet has the gall to question people in what they hold expertise in.

Robert Norberciak CEO absolutely should have final say on decisions. However, the CEO should also trust his employees & staff.

Many times, I would let my team make decisions on my behalf. And for the majority of them, I would agree. *Which is having the final say on a decision*

However, there were situations where no matter how high an employee was, they didn’t know enough of the pieces of the puzzles. I often had to make a different decision due to other situations.

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