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Ranking the Best Marketing Agencies in Canada

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Chosen Data
Awards:Technology Savvy
Notable Clients:Bango, Colvita Creative, The Longhairs, Straight Line Landscape, Cover Three

Key Services Provided:

Technical and Content SEO
Price Above: $1,000
Location:Canada, New York
No. of Employees:2-10

What makes them different:

Chosen Data is a content marketing agency primarily serving the marketing, IT, health, and finance sectors. Directors of marketing departments or firms typically hire them due to their expertise in these fields. 

To inform your audience and move them toward the sales funnel, Chosen Data creates excellent, original content that helps your company stand out; they also offer services for creating graphic and video content.

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NP Digital
Awards:Technology Savvy, Value Focused
Notable Clients:Facebook, NBC, eBay, Google, Intuit

Key Services Provided:

Strategy & Planning, Customer Journey Mapping, Data Analytics & Insights, Dashboard Development, Persona Development, Conversion Rate Optimization
Price Above: $5,000
Location:Canada, India, United States
No. of Employees:201-500

What makes them different:

NP Digital is a marketing agency that Neil Patel established to deliver the right content by matching your digital marketing requirements.

The primary focus of NP Digital is to deliver the right content in the proper context on a wide scale by employing its mastery to turn around the digital marketplace and meet its clients’ marketing goals.

Notable Clients:Paid Media, Marketing Analytics, SEO, PPC, and Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Key Services Provided:

Cisco, Sumo Logic, Sendoso, Betterment, New relic, etc.
Price Above: $10,000
No. of Employees:51-200

What makes them different:

Directive is a top marketing agency known for its PPC and SEO marketing service niche prowess. Their SEO services do not follow most marketing agencies’ conventional keywords or ranking approaches. Instead, they follow a customer-focused method that generates leads for their clients. 

Communication is efficient with them as you’ll always stay informed about your marketing campaigns thanks to weekly call-ins.