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5+ Ways To Monetize Your Instagram

  • 83% of Instagram users are introduced to new services and products.
  • 81% conduct research to locate items or services.
  • 50% of Instagram users visit a website after viewing it in Stories.

Here are 5+ methods for monetizing your Instagram INSTAGRAM BONUSES.

Reels Play Bonuses allow you to make money directly from Instagram using Reels.

If you meet the requirements to earn a bonus, you’ll be alerted in the Instagram App to sign up and activate bonus payouts.

Branded content is not currently eligible for Bonuses.

To get a bonus, you must fulfill all conditions for the applicable bonus program.

Reels Play Bonuses are not accessible in all languages or regions at the moment.


This functionality is only accessible for Instagram business and creator accounts.

Creators may reveal their brand ties in Feeds, Stories, Live, Reels, and Instagram videos.

Upload a photo or video and customize it with a caption, hashtags, effects, and filters>

Allow or disallow the brand partnership to increase by adding a paid partnership label.

Remember to add the paid partnership label when creating promoted content on Instagram!


You may educate people by offering master courses. This may be:

  • Do-it-yourself crafts
  • Exercise Classes and Community Challenges
  • Sessions for Acting and Modeling
  • Marketing or Sales through Graphic Design

Pro Tip:

Promote your workshops with your everyday content and work with easy and automated signup tools like:


You may work with a number of companies and businesses on Instagram to: Earn a commission by advertising a product or service they provide.

When accepting affiliate relationships, be certain that you: Choose carefully who you work with; and Only advertise items and services that are relevant to your audience’s interests and requirements.

  • Do not overpromote.
  • Understand the brand, its products and services.
  • Be sincere and authentic.


If you sell things, you should create your own Instagram store and list your products there.

Your store is a location for customers to browse items and explore collections, as well as sell and share your brand’s narrative.

Product Tags: Use product tags to highlight goods from your catalog directly in photos and videos, including Feeds, Reels, Stories, and Lives.


For a monthly cost, your followers may subscribe via an in-app purchase on their smartphone.

The Instagram App has subscription management features.

By using the following, you may produce special Instagram content and provide extra value:

  • Subscriber lives
  • Subscriber stories
  • Subscriber badges
  • Subscriber posts
  • Subscriber reels
  • Subscriber group chats. 


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