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Sell the benefits to the customer

Every recipe takes 30 minutes or less to complete. Because having a family meal should be about spending time together, not working hard in front of the stove.

If your offer contains: Children’s meal choices

Saying “Learn to create beautiful veggies your kids will enjoy” is inappropriate.

That’s boring

Learn to make delicious veggies your kids will love 

What’s in it for them is as follows:

We assist you in creating vegetables that are worth a battle. But not in a way that demands you consume them. I should have said, “Hey, who ate all my broccoli?!” Next time, have better success, mama. May the branch that splits the fastest.

If your proposal contains:

micronutrient-rich diets

Saying “Hit all your macro and micronutrient objectives” is inappropriate.

That’s unspecific

Hit all your macro and micronutrient targets. 

What’s in it for them is as follows:

Consuming enough protein is only one aspect of this. Your macronutrient goals are also involved. Who has time to ponder whether they are consuming enough zinc to maintain beautiful skin? We do (but you don’t).


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