Fraud Blocker

55 emails with unique subject lines

To use for:

  • The first hello.
  • Opening a loop.
  • Educating your audience.
  • Breaking down false beliefs.
  • Announcing a launch/offer.

When starting a loop

“Why have I never heard this before?!”

Hold the freaking phone. You, too?!

We see you. (Not, like, in a stalker way)

You might wanna sit down for this

Please tell me I’m not alone here

Do you do this, too?! *Phew*

Got ——–? Here’s how to kick it to the curb

Incoming: A truth bomb about (topic)

(Problem)? You need to read this

This one’s for the (teachers) in the room

We actually can’t believe it…..

If you’re saying the first hello

You’re on the list!

*Raise a glass* you did it!

Here’s to a lifetime of pen-pal ship

Thanks for being here, really

Come on in, friend!

*knock knock* Who’s there?

You can sit with us

You’re gonna love it here

The ———- (EST) list on the internet

We like you already

You made it! *happy dance*

If you’re trying to teach your audience

The one thing you really need to know

A to the Q: “How do I (double my sales)?

Let’s talk about

Give me two minutes to (give you X advice/result)

The #1 thing you should be doing to

*Gulp*. This one’s a doozy

Have you heard about…?!

The real reason you’re…

We (doubled) our (thing). Here’s how

The one question we always get

New (occupation)s: This one’s a must read!

If you’re breaking down false beliefs

Okay, hear me out…

Uh oh. You might be wrong about…..

What most ———(s) get wrong

UM…. It *might* be your fault 

Here’s why I stopped —— forever

I quit and I’m not sorry, here’s why

Well, this is awkward

Are you doing this wrong?

Don’t make the same mistake we did

The hard truth you need to hear

Why (awesome offer) is not for you 

If you’re announcing a launch/offer

Guess what’s coming?!

FI. NA. LY..

It’s here! *( awesome thing name)*

Just call me wish granter

Say hello to (awesome thing)!

That thing you’ve been waiting for!

Can you believe it?! (We can!)

*Open doors*

$127. (That’s it. That’s the whole subject line)

Um… did you miss this?

We said X% off, y’all!


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