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Selling Emotions Vs. a Feature

People make purchases based on emotion, which they then use reason to support. When you are selling, your objective should be to evoke emotion and paint a picture of how your consumers’ lives would be improved as a result of the offer before providing them with the features and advantages.

Example 1: 

Emotions: How Would You Feel If You Completely Booked Out Your 1:1 Services?

Feature: Join the 4-week booked out program.

Example 2:

Emotions: How would you feel if you woke up to discover that five individuals had taken you up on your offer while you were fast asleep?

Feature: One-hour sales masterclass

Example 3 – 

Emotions: I am aware of how it feels to dread making discovery calls after discovery calls in the hopes of finding clients that are aligned.

Feature: Free instruction on how to launch a company without using discovery calls is a feature.

Example 4 –

Emotions: You don’t have to establish your business alone; I want you to have the same kind of help that I had along the way.

Feature: 3 months of one-on-one coaching assistance

Example 5: 

Emotions: For a very long time, I would let my calls go past their allotted time—not just by 5 minutes, but also by 15, 20, and 30 minutes. I would feel worn out and a little bit frustrated with myself after the calls. I didn’t have any limits and didn’t know how to establish any.

Highlight: a two-hour workshop on establishing boundaries

a four-week live program

As a service-based business owner, learn how to establish 5 unique offers: 1:1 coaching, electronic items, a program, a course, and a masterclass.


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