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5 Insights to Monitor Weekly

I’m frequently asked how to measure success on Instagram without counting likes and views (let’s stop using these pointless metrics, please).

So, here are the top 5 insights I follow the most, along with a little explanation of why.

NUMBER 1: Follows per post

You can check how many people have followed you per post if you are publishing photographs to your feed (you cannot see this in reels). This is a useful indicator to look at since it shows that your content is truly converting rather than just getting people to visit your account and then leaving.

        Profile activity               4,445

        Profile visits                   3,040

        Follows                          1,380

        Website taps                      25

        Email button taps                 0

NUMBER 2: Website clicks 

This is the ideal approach to determine whether your call-to-actions (CTAs) are effective if you are a business owner seeking to generate traffic to a link (if you stated to tap the link in my bio, did anybody really do it?). and see whether your writing piques their interest enough to want to read more from you. As of right now, this insight is only accessible on picture-based items in your feed.

        Profile activity               5,452

        Profile visits                  4,984

        Website taps                    436

        Follows                              29

        Email button taps                3

NUMBER 3: Non-follower reach

You can check how many people you are reaching within of any post’s insights (followers and non-followers). While it’s beneficial to get followers because you want to give back to your community, you should also keep track of non-follower reach in order to attract new users and expand your audience.


                 Accounts reached

           85,132                   240,514

        Followers              Non-followers

NUMBER 4: Shares 

Shares are to me like free advertising for my account.

Without ever visiting the explore page, the more shares my piece receives, the more eyeballs it receives for FREE (bonus: shares help your content get on the explore page)

Shares                    14,472

NUMBER 5: Story Replies

Story comments are my favorite insight for stories (along with link clicks and website taps), as they indicate that my story material is sparking discussion in my community. Nothing makes me happier or fosters relationships more quickly than content that connects.

Questions to ask about top performing content:

  • Which CTA did you employ?
  • How long ago did you publish the content?
  • What is the subject of this article?
  • What is the use of the hook?
  • How long did the article last?
  • Which hashtags were employed?
  • You used a location tag, right?
  • How many details did you include in the content?
  • What pillar of content does the post fall under?
  • At the time, how regularly did you post?
  • Did you share the story’s blog post?
  • What was the caption’s length?


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