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75 Sentences That Pique Attention

You don’t just need to grab attention. You need to keep it. Here’s how:

  • Include a few questions
  • substantiate or refute beliefs
  • Create a loop
  • engender suspense
  • Simplify difficult concepts.
  • Describe their thoughts.
  • Make it your own!

Add a few inquiries:

  • So what’s the point? OK, okay.
  • Could I be frank with you?
  • Awaiting its execution?
  • But…how does any of this relate to X?
  • The greatest thing, though?
  • So, should we do (X) rather than (Y)?
  • What should we remember most?
  • What most surprised us, do you want to know?
  • Ready for the unpleasant truth?
  • Why is it important?
  • Then what?

Confirm and refute assumptions:

  • We were completely mistaken.
  • However, that is untrue. (Ellen, is it?)
  • It is not what you believe.
  • You might be surprised by the response, but that’s not the complete picture.
  • But there is a warning.
  • The fact is that you have good reason to be frustrated. Here’s why You’re 100 percent correct. You’re on the correct track, and here’s why. You could be onto something, since

Start a loop:

  • I’ll address it in a moment.
  • Later, I’ll talk more about that.
  • Don’t worry, we will arrive.
  • I’m going to tell you a secret later on that I’ll explain (gave me this outcome). First though
  • I’ll let you know in the email I send you tomorrow.
  • Pay close attention since the following is going to be very crucial later:
  • What followed will shock you.
  • When you get to the bottom of this page, you’ll know precisely…

Creating tension

We were surprised to learn this, and it just kept getting worse as I read it. You might want to sit down for this one.

There was unquestionably a problem.

Then, it dawned on me

The results were really astounding.

But hold on. It improves.

And just as I was anticipating X, Y occurred, but there’s a catch

I’ll start by stating that everything here is true.

Nothing like this is imaginable.

Simplify difficult concepts:

What that truly implies is as follows

Sounds challenging? Let’s dissect it.

Hold on to me here. This becomes fascinating.

More plainly stated?

Think about it like this

Here’s another perspective on the matter

Are you ready for a concrete example?

I’ll say it another way.

Let me clarify before your eyes start to glaze over. Scientists sure do have a way with words, huh?

Fear not, I’ll explain.

Express their thoughts:

Just a guess

You might be curious…

If you’re thinking right now…

You’re probably rolling your eyes at me right now, I realize that.

Why should you believe me, you ask?

Therefore, why is it so costly?

I’m ready to wager…

And so, the thing that’s on your mind right now is: What about the big one?

Your ponderings/questions are valid.

Make it your own:

Find out if you can relate.

If you have as well, raise your hand.

You may be like me.

Do you ever…

You know the emotion you get when —?

I am certain of it.

Get my meaning?

Not so long ago, there was…

Just know that I’ve been there.

When I was in your position, perhaps you saw this as well.


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