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Digital Product Ideas For Your Niche

Here are 5+ suggestions for digital items for your niche.

Travel Guide for Business

Based on your personal experience, write a trip guide.

Make this a series for various nations, cities, or topics.

Examples include the top London coffee shops to visit according to Instagram influencers.

Languages and Education

Make worksheets that can be downloaded.

Make workbooks with various subjects and skill requirements.

  • as in: For newcomers
  • for young children
  • for professional purposes

Pro Tip:

Offer a workbook bundle including different levels or topics. 


Develop a course

Make a course or step-by-step booklet based on topics or skill levels.

Example: Halloween Basics for Men for Teens

Pro tip: Include printouts of things like cosmetics style guidelines or beauty advice with it.

Graphic Design

Make a course or an ebook.

Based on topics or skill levels, create an ebook or a course.

Make this a series that progresses through various skill levels.

as in: 

  • For newcomers
  • for specialists
  • For websites for Instagram


Make a tutorial or a manual

Make a course based on several generations or styles. This could have to do with fashion or design.

Examples are Foundations, Kids, and Women Over 50


Develop a course

Pro tip: Tailor your message to different expertise levels or topics.

as in: 

  • For newcomers
  • For beginners
  • for young children

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