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How I reached 1.7 million people with one post and how you can too

These are the 5 key takeaways that got me such results:

You need an AMAZING hook.
Without a good hook, no one will read your content.

Make sure to include catchy words in order to make it more appealing to tap on, like:

  • How to
  • Numbers
  • Must-know
  • Easy
  • Free, etc…

As long as the post has simple, practical value, it will blow up.

Make sure to cover the topics that most people would find interesting and always keep it simple!
Make widespread value

As I mentioned previously, When making your content, always try to solve widespread problems related to your niche.

Pro tip: Use sites like to find the most common problems in your niche
Focus on getting engagement as early as possible.

This is what I do after posting:

  1. Repost it to story ASAP
  2. Respond to comments
  3. Start conversations
  4. My collab partner does the same
  5. Pin best comments
  6. Pin that post to a profile

Result: Post gets A LOT of early engagement and reaches explore fast.

Early engagement is THE MOST important factor for reaching the explore page.
Make sure you do everything to maximize it!


Make sure to use CTA symbols throughout the post and a powerful CTA at the end.
This will make sure you get the most conversions possible
Remember: Getting reach is useless if you are not getting the conversions

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