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17 ways to increase your SaaS’s MRR by 15-24% in the next 81 days 

( without spending extra $0 on marketing, or hiring sales reps )

Credit goes to Dhruv Bhandari

Little known fact but companies like Uplead, Expandi and Systeme who have all scaled past $500K p/m focus on solving 1 Big Problem and are great at Marketing.

They’re not perfect nor have they everything figured out. 

After having spoken to a lot of 8 Fig. SaaS owners and studying their sales funnels – I’ve put together a list of 17 ways to scale your B2B SaaS and get closer to the $500K MRR Mark.


  • Solve 1 Big Problem better than anyone else
  • Be great at marketing and bringing leads to your website
  • Have a Killer offer and copy on your sales page to convert
  • Have a fire Onboarding Funnel both Email Wise and Video Introductions to build immediate rapport with trial users and increase CR
  • Customer Support to answer questions quickly
  • Dedicated Product Specialists to understand about clients business over 15 minute demo calls
  • Team of A Players who are humble enough to keep a beginners mind on things they don’t know anything about and learn through experiments.
  • Pivot>Improve>Win>Improve>Pivot>Win>Improve>Fail>Fail>Pivot>WIN BIG and Money isn’t a problem anymore!
  1. Setup a lead magnet on your website. 

For every 100 visitors, if 3 start a trial – 97 leave for good. 

Now you setup a pop up as simple as giving 10% off their first billing or 5 ways to make more $$ in your niche using your Product.

Offer 10% off/ free pdf & ask for email – add them in your nurturing sequence. 

7% Cold To Warm Leads >> 3% and 50% more chances to convert these leads into paid buyers.

  1. Take your Verification Emails Seriously 

2 B2B SaaS in the same niche solving the same problem, whom would you trust more ?

I rest my case.

  1. Personalize your SaaS Onboarding

It’s 100% your duty to take your new cold users from educating them about Who you are, why should they choose you over 100 other SaaS and giving them 3-5 ways to make the most $$$ from your service. 

The more pleasant experiences they have with the platform, the more CR you can expect to convert – we’re here to take over not settle.

60 second breakdown of this 5 Email Sequence

  1. Who you are and what you can do for your Ideal Client
  1. Getting Started and Kick Off Email
  1. Your story and Make a personal connect
  1. Showcase your Case Studies & Social Proof
  1. Push out a 10 minute demo call session ( users are on their last few days of the trial & they’ve already made up their mind ) 

( your job is to convert their “I don’t know” into “Hell Yes” )

  1. Send a Final Reminder Email on the last day of the Trial

Think you’re sending too many emails ? Sign up for Spotlightr, and Appsumo email list. Wake up people!

4. Make your Onboarding a pleasure, not pain

Shoot a quick 3 minute video loom walking through the dashboard – setting the basics up and avoiding all fluffs. 

Ask this question – how can I make my prospect say WOW immediately within the first 7 seconds of them visiting my Website to start their work. See clickfunnels and 

5. Put your biggest Benefit in your headline

Testimonials in the 2nd and CTA in the 3rd line selling only 1 thing.


#1 – Your biggest Benefit/ Problem solving

#2 – Social Proofs/ Case Studies ( drop big company names/ publications that use your product)

#3 – Sell the CLICK ( Be it book a free demo, 7 day free trial – focus and don’t get distracted )

6. Build a SaaS Competitor Page

7.  Setup a Welcome Email Sequence for your Paid Customers

One of the goals of the post-purchase funnel is to help them justify their purchase/ reassure and get them hyped to work with you.

  • Make it very clear how they can get support
  • Sharing your onboarding video and 2-3 use cases your ideal customer can replicate to WIN.
  • Sharing Login Details
  • Getting them in your Paid members ( fb group/ discord ) and connecting with other students in the same space

8. Setup JINX – 4 Stages of a SaaS Customer Success Guide

Prospect is your average JOE who started a trial, hasn’t used service much

Prospect goes from JOE to INTERESTED in using the service and starts using your SaaS

Prospect is NOW a Paid member and using your SaaS is now a part of his daily habits and work

This Paid Prospect is now EXCITED to get his business network to try you out and become an ambassador.

( Every week for 1hr, brainstorm ideas on these 4 stages with your team and find 1 actionable thing you’ll do in each stage to improve its success ) 

1% Better by doing stuff Every Day >> Feeling better everyday by consuming content

9.  Setup a “Ghosting” Follow Up Sequence

You spent big $$ to get free trials, some of them picked a plan – most did not and left. And you my friend gave up. 

We send a quick email to your customers whose free trial has ended and get 15-20% of your lost lead revenue to convert.

10. Setting up a Long Term Nurture Sequence

Create a list around your free trial users who didn’t buy. This list is massive, they’ve shown interest and if they haven’t unsubscribed, they’re still a Led.

Idea is to send 1-2 emails to this list every week with value. Whole idea is to keep your company’s name in their minds at all times when they think of the said problem you’re solving

11. Conversion Rate Wisdom by Hiten Shah

Read this 1 line to instantly 2.5X your Conversion Rate by Hiten Shah

“Find your Base Line”

Where is my business right now ? ( study your numbers )

Now, what’s the 1 ACTION I can take today to get closer to my CR Goal

Find Improvements and start implementing.

12. Understand your Brand Vision

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes & writing copies from email to fb ads that resonate >> spending $10K/day to find a 2X ROAS

  1. What’s your market’s biggest pain point?
  2. Who are your biggest competitors?
  3. Why would your customers buy from Albin Care over your competitors?
  4. What problem / pain point are you solving?
  5. What color and fonts usually go by with your brand
  6. How do you want your customers to feel when reading your emails ?
  7. What’s your end goal with the company – do you want to make an exit or keep this brand for a long time ?

13. 10 Second Copy trick to 3X your Demo Booking Rate

Rebrand your customer service support name to Product Marketing executive

Selling a Cold Email Automation SaaS?

Don’t say “Book in a time with a Product success manager”

Say “ Book in a time with our 7 figure Cold Email expert to get feedback on your campaigns and him sharing 2-3 ways he uses (YOUR SaaS) to kill the cold email game for his clients.

14. Get Market Feedback without paying $15,000p/m

( for Consultations and Marketing Experts)

Sell with words your market uses >> what you think they use

Record your product demo calls – find their problems and most importantly, read this line carefully – “Identify the phrases they’re saying” and use them word to word in your copy. 

15. Easiest way to stack Big Ca$h flow

Offer 1 Free Month if they pay 6 Month upfront ( Stack cashflow for day to day expenses ).

2 Additional benefits

  • Less churning risks because they’ve paid in advance
  • More emotionally invested to win with your Software and you getting even better case studies

16. Put your best video testimonials on the goddamn website 

( I’m repeating this step again here )

17. Let’s talk about Content Marketing & Blogs

The #1 secret to getting a boatload of customers and more clients that stripe emails you to ask what Sauce you’re cooking up? Being A1 in your content game.

Takes like 10 minutes a day to decompress what you find interesting in your day, put it in a blog and just hit publish. 

12 Months down the line, when your valuation 15Xd just because you’ve built a brand with your thoughts and ideas and making money from it – you’ll be so glad you did.

Read and hypefury’s blog articles

18. Let’s talk Mindset and being the person

( Skill Set + Self belief = World Class Entrepreneur )

1. Build a tool belt. ( Know copywriting? Learn UI interface and Sales )

2. Find max 3 mentors ( built 2+ times and in public )

3. Join a community like Indie hackers

4. Focus on building your skills and staying consistent

19 A. Free Email Mockups & Inspiration for {3rd Step aka Most Important}

  1. Onboarding Email Sequence for 3 Emails for Brandkit
  2. Onboarding Email Sequence for User Booster User Booster’s Onboarding Sequence
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