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Ways to Lose Customers

Step 01

Don’t produce original material.

Don’t share your own tales. Post only current events and copy other people.

It’s simpler.

Step 02

possess a hazy positioning.

Don’t state, “I use narrative to make your marketing sound seductive.”

Simply state: “I assist with your marketing.”

They will “obviously” recognize your talent.

Step 03

Having an unclear call to action

Don’t instruct them to click a website or DM a term.

Simply instruct them to “Book Now.”

Allow them to figure out how to make a reservation.


I’m trying to be funny.

Insert LOL-meme here.

So, how to NOT lose clients?

  1. Make original narrative material. This is what my short course teaches (DM “SALE” now)
  2. Clearly state how you can assist them.
  3. Possess a clear call to action.


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