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Utilizing Feelings To Increase Sales

Are you aware?

We base up to 95% of our purchasing decisions on feelings, right?

Great outcomes alone don’t persuade customers to purchase, for this reason.

You must subtly influence your reader’s emotions to motivate them to take action if you want to increase sales.

This is how that appears:

Take the website of a nutritionist, for instance, whose tagline is “Take back control of your health.”

The same headline may read as follows to elicit empathy:

  • You should regain control of your health.
  • Using joy as an emotional trigger, however, might lead to
  • Controlling your health has never felt so fantastic.
  • A motivating headline can be more clear and actionable:
  • Once and for all, regain control of your health.

While employing uncertainty, one may address widespread skepticism by saying: It’s never too late to ultimately make the decision to take charge of your health.

And a title that inspires a sense of belonging may read: Join the thousands of women who have already made the decision to regain control over their health.


People make purchases based on emotion, which they then rationally defend.

Decide what you want your audience to feel, then write accordingly.


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