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Your Captions Are Incredibly Boring For THREE Reasons

  1. Energy writing for the main character.

When writing on a topic you are familiar with, it is simple to become lost in a piece of text that has every single detail you can think of. But when you start to bore and overwhelm your ideal customer, this is detrimental.

Consider yourself in their position; what is their degree of knowledge?

With that in mind, write your copy.

It’s never about YOU when writing content for marketing.

Observe that.

  1. Instead of discussing advantages, write about features.

Stop informing your consumers that your product was created using 17 unpronounceable chemical procedures and xyz substances. or a list of each and every service deliverable you offer. Yawn.

They are unconcerned!

How will it benefit them? They only want to know that, I assure you.

3. When you should be creating captions, you are writing essays.

Yes, Instagram’s extended captions are fantastic. However, if they are just a large block of pointless rambling material, they are not very good. Nobody will read it, I’m sure.

Break your speech up into bullet points or, even better, a carousel past if you have a lot to say. They generally do better than postings with just one photo.

Also, please include a call to action and a hook.


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